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Bonnie Wirth


I’m a true Southern Californian mermaid, born and raised in the swells of Santa Monica. However, I traded clouds for endless sun when I attained my biology and environmental policy degrees in Tacoma, Washington at the University of Puget Sound.


Drawing upon my education in physiology and anatomy, my 200 hour teacher training with Tamal Yoga School, various restorative yoga and thai massage trainings, as well as my experience from being a personal trainer, I’ve been able to learn what the body needs to feel relaxed and receptive. Restorative yoga will offer relaxed stretching, massage adjustments, and a violin serenade during Savasana.


restorative: Mon & Wed 7:30pm

vinyasa: Mon, Wed, & Fri 12:30pm


square cash: BonnieWirth@yogaraj.org